About me…

I am a 28 yr Network Engineer with a University in the South West of England.

I have been working in IT for about 5 1/2 years now, but began to get heavily interested in all things Networky about 3 yrs ago. A huge project involving the design and installation of a network using HP Procurve switches sparked this interest and i have since built on this interest and moved into the Cisco arena.

I have pursued a number of certifications during my career so far – I am MCSE in 2000 and 2003, a VMWare VCP, a CCNA and i am currently working towards my CCNP certificate. (Half way there!)

My overall goal is to one day achieve the Cisco CCIE accreditation in Routing and Switching. I first began to hear whispers of a “god-like” networking certfication whilst studying for my MCSE in 2000. (I was pretty new to the industry at this point…) This immediately sparked my interest and it wasn’t long before i was working alongside my first real-life CCIE. I have this person (who will remain un-named at the moment) to thank for the enthusiasm and interest i now have for my chosen career.


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